VMWare Fusion 2 for Mac

I have purchased VMWare Fusion 2 for Mac after playing around the trial version of it. I have both Mac and PC so there was no interest in this application until I have come up with trying it.

— Just for those who are not familiar with the term, VMWare is one of those applications that gives a particular OS an ability to launch different kinds of OSs within the machine, which is what we calls Virtual Machine. For example, VMWare Fusion 2 is for Mac OS to run Windows XP, Vista, or Linux OSs on Mac OS. —

Anyway, my impression using this application on my MacBook was just great. I was not really expecting from one of those applications for virtual machines as I have used some of them already and quite disappointed. However, this application works smoothly with my machine and it really gives virtual real. The application I have installed on my Mac was Windows 7 RC which officially not specified and verified to use within the VMWare as I am aware of, however, the OS seems just great and smooth as a single windows PC running Windows 7. If I put the virtual machine on full screen mode then it is so confusing whether it is running mac or windows 7 originally. After a couple of days playing around I have purchased and am so satisfied with this great program. You can also download VMWare Fusion 2 for Mac on the VMWare website (http://tinyurl.com/2tkz8p) as 30-day-trial. Once the trial period is finished, you do not have to uninstall if you want to keep using it. Just type the registration number once you have purchased. If you are using Mac, I assume that you are either using the application or about to use this application! it is great.