AngularJS and Firebase (AngularFire) 1

Today I have experienced a first app using AngularJS and Firebase. I have initially learned some basic concepts of AngularJS from AngularJS Tutorial w3schools which gave me some ideas first or creating single page app (SPA). If you are new to AngularJS, this tutorial can be a starting point as it is written comprehensively and easy to follow with the examples. 


The Firebase website itself is also well documented to follow through and provides tutorials for a various languages and frameworks so please visit the website to get more information. 


You can make use of hosting service the Firebase provides. A prerequisites for the hosting service is to have Node.js installed. (You can download and install Node.js here.)

Once all set, then just install the Firebase tool for hosting as follows;

Open Terminal (or command) and;

$ npm install -g firebase-tools


$ sudo npm install –g firebase-tools

If you are updating previously installed Firebase tools, then use;

$ npm update -g firebase-tools 


$ sudo npm update -g firebase-tools

Now, we are ready to deploy! Just go to the location of the website directory then type in the Terminal;

$ firebase init

Then deploy your website with;

$ firebase deploy

For further details, please refer to the Hosting Documentation
If you want to see the sample app click here