Mac OS X 6 : Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard was released by 28th Aug 2009. I have pre-ordered it a couple of days ago, and it was shipped 27th and arrived on 28th. The package was simple with nice Leopard picture on the front cover.

Here is the Installation screen,

OS X 6 Installation folder
OS X 6 Installation folder
Install Mac OS X
Install Mac OS X

And also Utilities for restoring after installation of the new OS X.

Mac OS X Utilities
Mac OS X Utilities

The DVD has a full OS installation package, NOT just upgrade kit. This is pretty good bargain with $29 of price. Apple’s price policy has been a bit high, however, not for this time, not for this one. lol

Snow Leopard package DVD also contains Xcode 3.2 for Snow Leopard which has up-to-date version of the developer packages. You can simply install Xcode 3.2 after installed snow leopard.

Xcode 3.2 packages
Xcode 3.2 packages
Xcode 3.2 for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Xcode 3.2 for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

After upgrade OS X 5 to 6 Snow Leopard, the hard drive became about 10GB more space. It is approximately measured since I had to clean up some applications and files before upgrade it but not so sure how much I had got rid of them. Anyway, after some time playing around with Snow leopard, the speed of running or moving around was felt bit faster and much smoother.

Feature that most interests me about Snow Leopard: iCal, Email and Address Book MS Exchange support. Not only for MS Exchange but also other CalDAV and Gmail on iCal. This makes me use the default apps more often and efficiently. By using these you can almost make Mobile Me iPhone Sync for iCal, Address Book and Mail, if you do not want to spend 100 bucks a year, although I like Mobile Me service.

Just in case you have not heard about Snow Leopard (OMG!). Snow Leopard is not a major OS upgrade or significantly new version of OS. Probably not like upgrading from windows XP to Windows Vista or 7 I guess. But definitely improved performance and enhanced other features on Leopard (OS X 10.5.x).

I know it is too early to say anything about pros and cons about Snow Leopard, but it is getting quite interesting and I would also like to know about others getting Apple’s upgraded OS X, Snow Leopard.

–Updated on 29 Aug 2009 1:50 am–

I forgot to mention about some other good features, firstly Expose has got better on performance and also interface. The old version of Expose was bit cumbersome and hassle prone to use but now it is much easier to navigate and notice apps through.

Logitech Bluetooth Mouse V470 review


I am sure that all of those people who use a laptop or even desktop computers have an experience using USB connection for those devices such as Keyboard or Mouse. No one enjoys to get hustled when using those accessories including a mouse. So today I would like to bring the review about one of those Bluetooth Mice, Logitech V470. It has taken my attention when I was trying to get rid of my wired mouse(Microsoft Laptop mini mouse) and looking for something that can give not only better portability but also greater usability. This device has a number of features that impress me over other mice with rather cheaper price.

1. Bluetooth connectivity

This device works with Mac or Windows PCs. The experiences I had previously with other bluetooth mice were not so good at finding devices and connecting with host computer, however, this one gives a best connectivity yet. Especially even the Mac OS has not been loaded yet the mouse works as good as  just like a normal wired mouse.

2. Design

It comes with three different colors as I am aware of; White, Black and Blue. Well blue looks great on the picture but I have chosen white since white suits more for Mac computer and it is simple and nice. It shows the Logitech designer’s effort for this mouse to make the product better and convenience. I personally just like this mouse.

3. Battery

It comes with two AA batteries. Again, it is not a miss-typing or anything. It works with two AA batteries not AAA batteries. Therefore it works longer and easier to replace the batteries since AA batteries are more commonly used around everywhere than AAA. Well, it sounds like the mouse must be bigger and ugly just because it uses AA bigger batteries, however, it is just the size for laptop-use and comfortable size for your hand.

4. Laser technology

It has laser precision technology rather optical controllers which makes this mouse great at performance and better than normal optical mice. You wouldn’t feel any difference between this mouse and a regular wired mouse.

5. Price

Even though these great features come with this mouse, the price of it is considerably cheap. The price varies depending on your country but it would be somewhere around AU$99. It also comes with 1~3 year warranty (differs upon the countries), so here you go.

To sum up, this is recommended if you are looking for a mouse with good accessibility, portability, usability and fairly cheap price. This is also good for those who wants a bluetooth mouse with great performance.

bluetooth Logitech mouse Blue V470

Below is the general features and specifications from Logitech.


  • Laser precision: Outperforms optical mice. Laser technology delivers smoother cursor control on virtually any surface.*
  • Side-to-Side Scrolling Plus Zoom**: Perfect for viewing digital photos and spreadsheets. Instantly zoom in and out. Scroll horizontally or vertically.

System Requirements

    • Windows® XP, Windows Vista™
    • Computer with Bluetooth® wireless technology
    • Broadcom/Widcomm Bluetooth® BTW or later, Windows® XP SP2, or Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Mac OS® X (10.3.9 or later)
    • Computer with Bluetooth® wireless technology
    • CD-ROM drive

Package Contents

    • Logitech®  V470 Cordless Laser Mouse
    • Logitech®  SetPoint software CD
    • Protective pouch
    • Installation guide
    • 2 AA batteries
    • 3-year limited hardware warranty

VMWare Fusion 2 for Mac

I have purchased VMWare Fusion 2 for Mac after playing around the trial version of it. I have both Mac and PC so there was no interest in this application until I have come up with trying it.

— Just for those who are not familiar with the term, VMWare is one of those applications that gives a particular OS an ability to launch different kinds of OSs within the machine, which is what we calls Virtual Machine. For example, VMWare Fusion 2 is for Mac OS to run Windows XP, Vista, or Linux OSs on Mac OS. —

Anyway, my impression using this application on my MacBook was just great. I was not really expecting from one of those applications for virtual machines as I have used some of them already and quite disappointed. However, this application works smoothly with my machine and it really gives virtual real. The application I have installed on my Mac was Windows 7 RC which officially not specified and verified to use within the VMWare as I am aware of, however, the OS seems just great and smooth as a single windows PC running Windows 7. If I put the virtual machine on full screen mode then it is so confusing whether it is running mac or windows 7 originally. After a couple of days playing around I have purchased and am so satisfied with this great program. You can also download VMWare Fusion 2 for Mac on the VMWare website ( as 30-day-trial. Once the trial period is finished, you do not have to uninstall if you want to keep using it. Just type the registration number once you have purchased. If you are using Mac, I assume that you are either using the application or about to use this application! it is great.