Three reasons I like about iPhone

iPhone screenshotI have been using iPhone 3G since this year (2009). However I wasn’t the one who worships Apple or its products until I happened to use iPhone. Actually I was a kind of person who does not even care about what Apple does or whatsoever. A couple of weeks after using iPhone, it changed my life pattern in a such simple and easy way. I used to use a touch screen mobile phone or smart phones before, but iPhone was different. First of all, iPhone changed my view of using mobile devices. I have never thought I would be able to do most of things that iPhone can do such as web browsing as the same way as I do using my laptop. In addition, emails (not only particular email account but most of accounts that can be used in MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird) are checked and downloaded without my attention. Secondly, it changed the way of doing things. I had to bring my iPod for music, mobile phone, dictionary for my English emergency, laptop for using internet and word processing etc., and small note for memo on the go. Now? With iPhone, I don’t need to bring any of them at all. All I need is my iPhone. That’s it. Even I can do more than I need with my iPhone. I can play games when I am waiting for the bus or sitting in subway. I can transfer my finance anytime anywhere as well as putting note about what I have spent for. Now I do things without limiting possibility. Finally, integrity between devices is really good if you are using other Apple products with iPhone. Indeed, Apple would love the fact that people want to use more Apple’s products, but think of what we get? Services. Using Mac and iPhone along with mobile me make our life simpler and easier to manage without hustles. I used a Windows Mobile 6 device with Windows Vista, of course. I found that using Windows Mobile 6 to sync with Microsoft product is cumbersome while a couple of mouse clicks makes it happen between iPhone and Mac. Alright, to be clear I am not an Apple worshiper or anything. But what I found and realized by using iPhone and MacBook or any other Apple products (AirPort Express; this is pretty good, Time Capsule; a bit of issues for some people, but otherwise great piece of work.) what is to make for customers. POSTED BY WORKAHOLIC AT 10:48 PM 0 COMMENTS LINKS TO THIS POST LABELS: APPLE, IPHONE, MICROSOFT, MOBILE, WINDOWS Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) BLOG ARCHIVE ▼ 2009 (3) ▼ July (3) VMWare Fusion v2.0 for Mac Download Sega Columns deluxe for free (only limite… Three reasons I like about iPhone TAGS Apple (2) iPhone (2) Application (1) Apps (1) Download (1) Mac (1) MacBook (1) Microsoft (1) Mobile (1) SEGA (1) VMWare fusion (1) Windows (1) SUBSCRIBEIT! Posts All Comments SEARCHIT! powered by